by Canids

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released June 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Canids Tempe, Arizona

Witchy Punk


Dragons are cool

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Track Name: Ashley's Theme
“How shall I be found?” you ask yourself
curiously wandering through the wooded night, lulled by the melody that echoes through the mouths of leafless trees.
“Torn viciously by nocturnals? A starved corpse illuminated by starlight? Or worse?”
You find the sculptures you’ve been admiring are the frames of lost children, disfigured and figured as paper dolls, your footsteps have disappeared.
The path has been swallowed.
The Mother of the Forest had been watching you from underneath the creeping moss of a nearby trunk, tongue clicking but otherwise completely still.
The crunching of leaves is a sure sign of untainted life, attracted to her eternal lullaby.
“Shall I have another child today?” She smiles, illuminating several crooked sharp teeth. “We are hungry.”

The witch’s fingers, icicles upon your skin
Loud she cackles as she pulls you closer in
“I have granted…”
“I have granted…”
Underneath her shawl, a ribcage of dead wood
In her embrace, you’re impaled where you once stood
“I have granted…”
“I have granted…”
The nocturnals all sing in chorus
The song of this forest
“Come to me, my children, and sing sweetly to me”
You lay there tattered, a gift from their mother
Never to be discovered
“Awaken now, my child, and hear my melody”
Track Name: Summoner Of Ghouls
Life-taking mist emits from the ancient grimoire
A shroud of death surrounds him as he treads the floor
Approaching the cursed area to call them forth
Spirits from Phantom’s Maw, beings of living gore
Wind blows with a violent fervor
It chants, “Dare you go no further”
Plants bloom to defy their nature
Awaiting the nomenclature
Open tome, dark words are spoken
Orbs will glow on staffs of oak when
Dead trees grow, the seal is broken
“Come, I summon thee”
Afterworld evil, hear my call
Dagger-born people, take it all
Born of the mountain mist and blessed in falling rain
The magic followed him through smooth and rough terrain
The vessel of the flesh that feeds with its decay
Disciple of the path, a destiny retained
Sword in hand, the veins are opened
Land aglow, a crimson ocean
Magic flows through his devotion
“Come, I summon thee”
As his life fades he feels them
In the blackened dirt
“Your sacrifice will be rewarded, precious follower”
The wizard’s purpose now attained
The summoned ghouls begin their reign
“Come, I summon thee”
Track Name: Mummified In Moss
Rise, my beauty from your resting place
Out from the darkest depths of hell
And return to kill again
Here on the land where mortals dwell
Decades of decomposition decorate your sordid gaze
Eyes glowing in the haze
Chanting psalms of the arcane
Seek revenge
On all who would ascend
Render them
Eternally condemned
Whoa oh oh
Princess of a land non-living finalized in frost
Priestess of the lifeless bodies mummified in moss
And lust for blood reverberates throughout this haunted swamp
Necromancer, gain from all the life that must be lost
Arise her servants from your sullen graves
And feed the soil human blood
They scream in agony ‘til their lungs fill up with mud
Corpses crawl across the kingdom to satisfy her vile feast
Goddess of heresy
Bleed them unto me as
Death fills the sky
Her lips curl up like the legs of a freshly dead arachnid
All life shall die
The dead destroy the villages and feed off all the fragments
Track Name: The Crooners Of Lake Askett
There are faces in the lake
There are voices in the cemetery
Calling me to be together
Following my sleep forever
Calling me
There’s the one that makes me shake
There are legs inside the dead black cherry tree
That swim and flee together
Following my sleep forever
Calling me
I can hear you croon
Melodies as enchanting as your open eyes
Only heard amplified under the moon
Oh, it’s killing me tonight
Hearts will call
My body crawls
I’ve heard and now must see
You are absolutely the sweetest thing to me
Songs enthrall when night does fall
So solemnly I sing
You are absolutely the sweetest thing to me
There’s a tongue as black as ice
Wrapping over me with warm devotion
Singing to me, “be my only,
Harmonize with me so closely”
Follow me
Swollen lips as blue as eyes
Knotted hair that binds my every motion
Out of breath, my words are muffled
Take me please, I will not struggle
Swallow me
I’ll be with you soon
Creeping closer to do my part in our duet
The fog will disappear and so will you
Oh it’s killing me tonight
I was discovered the next morning, a pair of lungs inside a black jacket and blue jeans.
A crowd eventually surrounded the lake, appalled and struck with horror
Hands covering mouths they all cried out, “What has she done to him?”
You’re the sweetest thing to me
Track Name: Love Monster
I’m not what I seem to be
You’ve heard me howl alongside the ocean
But October, last October
I transformed once again
I’m a love monster
Love monster oh oh oh
Baby, just give me a chance
I loved you at first glance
It was just last Halloween
We kissed goodbye here under the moonlight
And in your letters, in your letters
You told me that I was yours forever
Do you remember? You remember?
See who I truly am
I’m a love monster
Love monster oh oh oh
Oh I am neither man nor beast
So our love lives when we’re deceased
I’m a love monster
Love monster oh oh oh
I can be so warm and sweet
You don’t have to trick-or-treat
Baby, you don’t need to be lonely
Some of my friends are fleshy and some are bony
And some are living dead, but in our hearts there’s something
I will keep you safe if you join in my pack
Your kind heart never to be under attack
My heart howls for you, my moon, my chosen pumpkin
And in this weather, in this weather
I’ll keep you warm in my arms forever
In November and in December
I’m still who I am today
I’m a love monster
Love monster oh oh oh
With wolf-like form and teeth
I’m as loyal as can be
I’m a love monster
Love monster oh oh oh
With a coffin for a bed
Now listen to me shred (Let’s GO!)
(Get in this with me, Dracula)
(That's what I'm Talkin' about, let's shred) WOO!
(Sing it with me, ghosts)
I’m not what I seem to be
I’m only scary on the outside
While it still is Halloween
Will you be my scary bride?
Track Name: The Mammoth Tree
The changing colors of the leaves
Awakens something deep in me
(I linger slowly until footsteps snap me out from my sweet daydream)
The winds that blow to cloak my form
They chill my body ‘til I’m warm
(The sight of the undead awakens magic streams)
How I miss you in the autumn
I miss you every day
How it hurts to feel the forgotten
Who only long to stay
The sword that cuts through flesh and marrow
That cuts through everything
To divide the ghosts from soul
To save all the mortal
The one who strikes me like an arrow
Pierces my heart
Yet alone I steadfast fight
Alone I spend each night
Bodies cover the snow
It seems this time there are thousands
Calmly yet determined I follow
To protect my family, the mountains
How I miss you in the winter
I miss you every night
As the body begins to wither
I pray they let me die
If I should
Perish parrying armies
Would you still remember me?
I think of the nights in the mammoth tree
It keeps my soul at ease
I fought for peace for all here on the peak
But with you gone there’s none for me
I have failed my most precious task, my charge
The goddess still lives, my scourge
The time has passed for remorse
For the one who’s taken you, my beauty
Who took my everything
Mercilessly I slaughter
A gorgeous massacre
She eyes me smiling, and lunges
An action I return
And as we clash, a flash of blood
Is that you, my love?
Track Name: In The Forest Of The Gnome
Wandering through the forest
Only two feet high
The proud gnome stands tall
Only two feet high
Drifting toward adventure
Gently treading by
The kind woods guide him
Through darkened skies
We look to you
A child of darkness who brightened our view
We feel your warmth
A mother comes to you from out in the North
Fear not, beloved gnome
As foliage grew, so did his beard
Learning from the woodland dwellers all through his years
Taking to heart what he’d hear
“Life is your story” flying fox said
“Companions are your life,” confided the wolf twins
“Your story is your own“ spoke the stag
I shall be what I must become
Gentle and ruthless, nature’s manifestation
The sacred forest’s guardian
Ursa Major said, “I want you, I need you, I feel you”
“I love you, I miss you, I feel you”
Beloved creatures, fear not
We will feed the soil with the hunters’ rot
They’ll feel the death that they brought
In the shape of a mother bear
An age of serenity follows him everywhere
The savior of the woodland prayers
Track Name: Vintra, Eyeless Wolf
Left to die
A young girl trudges
Blood beneath her nails
Flesh between her fangs
Vintra, seen by the few chosen
You grant the child sympathy
A touch so comforting and frozen
A song endearing and serene
How winter dresses somber nights
How spirits follow you
My eyeless queen of the moonlight
They’ve gathered at your tune
A ritual to unify
A human with her inner beast
Now every plant and creature chants
The demon’s rites bequeathed
I journeyed through the embers
That burned in every soul
Preparing to drown me in terror infernal
The hatred would follow
I yearned just for a home
Exiled to the forest to die amongst the cold
I stand now in the presence
Of ghosts arboreal
Their words, so kind and soothing, I submit to their call
Inside, it asks for freedom
This time I do not fight
Releasing my true self, a wolf descends into the night
A pleasure unknown
To run and leap amongst the snow
It was fear that they plagued me with
And fear shall be the last thing that they know
She returns to her village now
To satiate a lifetime’s hunger
Devoured ruthlessly
A village, prey to her dark anger
Not one survivor left the carnage
The blood of the white wolf runs through her
Her bloody vengeance now accomplished
She howls the song learned from her savior
Track Name: Is It Still Alive?
Inexpensive lullaby
That left our sands dissatisfied
But blessed the hands that once designed
The animal that slithers slime
And now it sleeps beneath the bog
The creature feeding from the fog
Adorned in mud and graced in blood
The realm of the eternal slug
Oh ancient one
I long to smell your words once more
Sensations come
I recollect the shattered lore
To find the shadow of the gastrogod
Disguised in an ethereal mirage
The haze shifts colors
Yet still I wonder
Is it still alive?
I once came to you
As a dreaming boy
Now I come a red-eyed dreaming man
In this tome of hellish poems
Written by goblins, ghouls, and gnomes
A fable of a being known
To suspend life while knowledge grows
The mystic snail has not been shown
Created by the boggy pond
Asleep for eras, ages gone
Manifest now in my vision
Oh ancient one
Devourer of unclean souls
I lay alone
Glacially you approach my throne
Ground dressed in bones
Demons gnaw the remaining flesh
Numbers of stone
Gone mad from decades of unrest
Now the air does separate
A mollusk perforates
The swirling grounded haze
My majesty awaits
A droning humming hymn
My longing heart gives in
My withered mouth a grin
A joyous peace within
The snail approaches
A pace so slow, it
Vibrates to cloak me in its grace
I sink into a shell
In peaceful slumber
Track Name: Return To Me, Toads
Cavern of crystallizing ice,
My domain sings in echoes
Caressing slitted eyes
The tales that I have memorized
Etched in the frost-layered wall
The stories I devise
Forsaken to a den to hide
A creature of great pride
Of magic mystified
Ohhhh, power misunderstood
The realm’s greatest beauty folds her wings for good
Countless, the funerals she’s painted
In the name of her loved ones, to rescue them from death
“Cold, you’re my only home”
“My only friends, the sunken toads”
Cursed to remain untold
“Return to me, oh holy toads”
The sanctuary sobs in silence
Her power growing still
The hatred dulled by sadness
A lifetime to fulfill
A natural luminescence glows from every scale
The target of the heartless, greedy, and the pale
Cursed never to be home
“Return to me, my precious toads”
Because I live they bait me with my gentle friends
The bastards fuel my rage with dead amphibians
The skies never looked so beautiful
Gracefully, a being glides on through
“Come, I shall be your home”
“My body and my magic, infinitely strong”
“They cannot pierce my dragon bones”
“Return to me, my precious toads”